How To Overcome The Window Of The Stalled Car Window

How To Overcome The Window Of The Stalled Car Window

Glass on the window of the car is one of the components that serve as a protector and also as the air circulation, when the glass cover of the car will protect you from dirty air or rain water while driving but if your windshield is open it will cause air circulation in in your car cabin. Do not worry, you can solve this problem easily like Auto Window Tint in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

The first thing you need to prepare before executing the problem is, provide the first tools that will be needed such as cooking oil, white plastic that usually packs cooking oil and pin needle.

The second way if you want simple and do not bother you can buy direct regular cooking oil that you can buy in the nearest stall and ask directly on the wrap using a plain plastic to wrap cooking oil. After that a small stitch on the tip of the plastic of cooking oil so that cooking oil can come out of plastic cooking oil.

The last way to spray bit by bit at the end of the rail or groove window of your car with cooking oil, do not try too slowly and little by little. And do not forget to see  the car glass is also on the up and down so that the oil is evenly distributed and the inside of the rubber railing of your car glass and then your car window will be fine again. Until here must be your car window glass feels better and smoothly if in oprasikan. Easy is not it? or you can find more information in Car Window Tint in Fort Lauderdale Florida

Author: Alexander Antonsson

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